Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shoes and race schedule revisited, yes again.

I made some progress of sorts this weekend on shoes for Chippewa but first the updated weather forecast for New Auburn, WI.

Saturday, Apr 25
High: 63 °F RealFeel®: 58 °F
Mostly cloudy, breezy and cooler with a chance of rain

The weather looks like a non problem unless the breezy comment turns into a 30+ mph wind. As to shoes, I wore the Velocity VST's on Saturday with no issues, actually felt pretty familiar. We ran 12.5 miles although none of the miles were on hills so I may run in Lebanon Hills during the week or maybe at Hyland before work. The one problem I did have occurred was when I looked down and saw the orange shoes. I am not into bright colored shoes, the only thing that made them tolerable was my daughters comment about how I was dressed in Bears colors. Navy shirt and shorts and orange shoes. So at least that's a positive.

On Sunday, I wore, my Rucky Chucks but I re-laced them and that took the pressure off the top of the foot and the scab from the blister didn't get torn off but I still had some pressure that might get a bit uncomfortable at Chippewa. I ran another 12.5 miles

Today, work was a bit more problematic so I am giving myself an extra day off which isn't all bad as my knees seem a bit more tender than they should a few days out from a 50k. Might just be the normal pre-race pain creeping in or who knows what else, it's hell getting old. As to the shoes, as of this moment in time, I am thinking my VST's or my Divides. Something to ponder on for the remainder of the week.

Now, back to my race schedule, yes again, sorry about that but I am having a real hard time locking things down. I am rethinking my May marathons as I would like to do Minneapolis because I like the idea of the coat, the cost, the course and the logistics but I need to see when my daughter's soccer team plays so I have to hold off on signing up until that is resolved. With regards to Stillwater, the course looks good, it's the logistics of getting to the start line that concern me along with the cost of entry ($20 more than Minneapolis). You see, I don't like crowds, buses or lack of control over things that involve crowds and buses and it looks like it would be hard to get control for the race, so I am thinking a bit more about it. The last thing is I would like to have a decent day in a marathon this year which for me would simply be a sub 5 for either of these and then maybe a 4 and 1/2 in the fall. If Chippewa is a disaster then I have to rethink my training and decide on what I am willing to do to get the time improvements.

So I will now shut down all of this pointless brain activity worrying about things and just see how Chippewa goes and then I will plan out the rest of the year.

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Kel said...

I'm waiting to see how Chippewa shakes out before making more plans too. One thing that I know for sure - the races that I have listed on my blog for 2009 will change somewhat, especially now that my plantar fascia has become riled up.

Yep, getting old is a b!tch.


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