Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend recovery?

The plan was to again go back to back long on Saturday and Sunday, Saturday was ok, I went 13 with Karyn but Sunday didn't happen. I was feeling a bit out of sorts on Saturday as I had some start-up issues which I won't detail but I can say it led me to carefully run on Saturday with an eye towards the locations of bathrooms. We ran the BRRT over the Mendota Bridge thru Minnehaha Falls over the Ford Bridge and back to the Mendota bridge via Mississippi River Road. A nice run even if too much was on concrete and the rest of it was on asphalt (maybe these runs will make the road marathons I do in May more tolerable on the body). It's nice in a way that we have meandered into the river road area as there are a lot of nice options for adding extra distance to runs. I am sure as spring awakens, I will probably freak out with all the people we will likely encounter on the same routes.

On a different note, I have been amused and occasionally irritated with observing bikers while sharing the pathways with them. It has led me to classify and stereotype them into four groups of cyclists: Mountain Bikers - friendly, usually smiling; Family bikers - usually happy depends on the kids; Skinny tire - focused, dress the part with road bike clothing and pretty much avoid any close encounters, may nod to acknowledge and may say on your left or hello (usually on the road, not the path); Skinny tire posers - dress the part but think they are entitled to the path, basically rude and clueless, we have almost been hit by more than one, probably would get run over on the road.

Anyway, I ended up falling asleep during the Villanova game on Saturday, energy level was very low, light body aches, some nausea. On to Sunday, zero energy, I tried to run some errands which took all of my energy (I like when I break out in a sweat for no apparent reason) so I decided my body needed a day off. I wasn't great today but better so I have concluded my issues are one of four things - diet, stress, something as yet undefined or just randomness. Karyn made the comment that this has happened before so I went back in my log and checked it out. I didn't find any comments where I described the same things but I do know I had a similar event a few months back (nice to see that although I am good on recording my mileage and which shoes, not so good with comments so not completely AR). So that back to my four issues, diet, I may have eaten something that didn't settle well, stress work has been, managing two groups and 13 or so folks, plus dealing with other groups issues can be tiring, so it could be I just need a day off. As to my last two thoughts, they cover every thing else so not worth worrying about. I also had thoughts that it is simply weather related, it probably isn't but I am sick of winter but probably not sick from it.

I was on a pretty nice trend of weekly mileage increases with a plan for 50 this week. The last 6 weeks have looked like this - 27, 31, 35, 41, supposed to be 46, was 20, then 50+ for this week. So, since I missed one of my final long runs my new plan is to just forget it and to get in my final long run this weekend. Normally I would try to squeeze it back into this week and then move my final long run out to mid next week, you know cram it all together in about 3 to 5 days instead, this time, I am not going to sweat it and hope the rest does me more good. So for next weekend I will do one more overload weekend, back to back running days with one run at least 10-13 and the other run close to 25 then taper for Chippewa.


Londell said...

I often have these feelings from diet and change of weather but not this year. Have you had your physical in the past year. Maybe consider a blood workup with a physical to see if there is a imbalance of something? Either way take care as I will be at zumbro for about 36 hours Friday through most of Saturday.

Mike W. said...

Enjoy Zumbro, feeling mostly fine today so Doctor not on my agenda. See you at Chippewa.


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