Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mileage update

I figured since I was taking another day off as I let life intervene one more time I may as well make a year to date mileage update post. I feel guilty about the many days off I have taken although I have to admit many were needed as stress, recovery and the weather have dictated many of them. I also have to be honest and say that procrastination is the other main culprit but enough on my bad habits, here are my totals:

Jan - 109 miles
Feb - 103 miles
Mar - 134 miles

Now for some useless statistical facts (yes, I have to admit that when I get into the stats I am either a bit OCD or anal retentive or maybe a bit of both :-)

My January mileage total was my 2nd highest January ever
My February mileage total was my 2nd highest February ever
My March mileage total was my 2nd highest March ever

Total year to date of 346 miles

My total for the first three months were my 2nd highest mileage ever (346 - previous first three months total was from 1997 - 360 miles).

Interesting trend of 2nd best, if I hit my goals for the remaining 9 months they would be highest monthly totals ever. Time will tell how it works out. On to even more useless trivia

I ran 0 total miles on Monday's (0 out of 13 weeks)
I ran 19 total miles on Tuesday's (4 out of 13 weeks)
I ran 15 total miles on Wednesday's (4 out of 13 weeks)
I ran 0 total miles on Thursday's (0 out of 13 weeks)
I ran 26 total miles on Friday's (5 out of 13 weeks)
I ran 151 total miles on Saturday's (12 out of 13 weeks)
I ran 135 total miles on Sunday's (12 out of 13 weeks)

The only useless stat that surprised me were the 0 miles on Thursdays, my normal schedule was supposed to be to run on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday with the other days being off or optional. I usually like to run long on Sunday's so Monday is an off day for recovery, we attend church on Wednesday so most of those runs were when I ran home from church usually after I missed my Tuesday run, Friday's were the guilt carry-over from Thursday.

So as I look forward for the remainder of the year, I am pretty sure how I can set those all time monthly highs and that is to just run on the days I am supposed to run or said another way I just need to become a bit compulsive towards getting runs in and a little less towards thinking or planning about getting them in. My new motto needs to become "Just do it" .


Get Primal said...

23 days to Chippewa...I can't believe it! I used to do the same thing with the data crunching. For some reason I did a complete 180 and just decided I was going to run as far as I had time for each day and leave it at that. I've enjoyed this so much more I can't believe it. Not saying you would too, just another idea to float out there. Good luck the next 3 weeks, see you in WI!

Londell said...

I agree with Adam, it takes a certain type of person to succeed at number crunching and success... I know you do not freak over it or obsess like I do so it if fun to read your data... I find crunching others numbers not an issue but do mine still a little, but find I am enjoying it more now being concerned about my numbers as goals. Like I was 1.5 miles (about) below a 100 mile month for March. My girlfriend said lets go for a run and get it... I did not fell like running, so I did not break 100 and find it does not matter... Keep it up...


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