Saturday, April 11, 2009


Lately, my wife and I have done almost all of our running related shopping and subsequent purchases on-line. The main reasons have been the ease of finding exactly what we want, bargain prices and discounts and then the time savings. Although, one of the concerns I have always had is what if there is a problem? Will the on-line vendor back the sale or will it be a hassle if there is a problem?

Well, we got to find out about one of the vendors, the vendor in question was ZombieRunner, Karyn has bought numerous items at Zombie and one of the purchases was my Nathan hydration pack.

What happened is that a couple weekends back as I filled up my Nathan's hydration pack, the seam split and I was bummed as I love my Nathan. My Nathan had been a B'day gift from last fall and I had used it pretty much weekly as it provided me complete freedom on my runs. Karyn checked in with Zombie concerning the problem and they immediately issued her a RMA and said send it back. She did and yesterday the replacement hydration pack arrived. They were easy to deal with and gave us great customer service when I simply expected them to say contact Nathan and that it would be hassle. Instead Zombie just stepped up and took care of us, when was the last time you had a store provide this type of service, for me it has been a while? I give my wife credit for taking the time to contact them as I am sure I would have just ordered another one but maybe not from Zombie. Karyn took the time and ZombieRunner came through so instead of being bummed about my Nathan, the issue has been resolved with no headaches. Needless to say, Zombie will continue to get our business.

Thank you ZombieRunner, fabulous service.


Londell said...

I found my nathan bladder to be less than reliable than my camelback. (8 months for me was better than the little time you had.) I took mine into REI and found a camelback replacement and it has been almost a year now.

Kel said...

If you do a little searching on the internet, you will find many similar stories about the Nathan bladders. I never had a problem with mine, but I couldn't stand the constant leaking of the bite valve. I replaced my Nathan bladder with a Camelbak which has a lifetime guarantee.

You can read my reviews at

I also highly recommend Zombie Runner for internet purchases!

RunWesty said...

I agree with both of you, I like my Camelbak better but it only holds 50 oz. So I use the two together. If this one doesn't hold up, I will buy another camelbak.

Kel - I have read your all of your reviews, they are right on. Please do more :-)


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