Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tax facts to ponder just a bit......

I am by nature a contrarian and somewhat apolitical (against both Democrats and Republicans) and I might lean libertarian so this was too enjoyable for me not to post.

I decided to add a bit more about my view on politics, I was raised as a Republican in Indiana when it meant fiscal conservative, socially don't care. I am pretty sure that this definition doesn't apply anymore to Republicans at least in Minnesota and on the national level and from what brothers tell me in Indiana as well. I still have the same beliefs, spend our money wisely, the government should build our infrastructure, defend us, protect our lands, set policies that benefit the country (not themselves or their districts). Suffice to say, I have no party, never have, never will and I doubt the sincerity of almost all politicians even though I tend to vote for the individual based on my belief or perception of their character (meaning is he saying what I want to hear or what he believes). I have voted for Libertarians, Green, Democrats, Republicans, Independence party folks and probably a handful of other parties that have come and gone. One politician I did come to admire was Paul Wellstone. I think he believed what he said and even though I might have disagreed occasionally, I respected him and trusted him to do what he felt was right for the good of the country. He seemed the same whether he was giving a speech or cheering for his daughter at the local races. I do think the country needs some folks with character and that actually believe in something besides their own wealth and power. Enough said as not to offend although it could lead to probably a pretty good debate on a very long run and I should add that since I run alone I have that debate quite often and my views haven't changed as of yet.


nwgdc said...

Term limits. 'Nuff said.

That would take care of Biden, McCain, Kerry, etc.

It's scary times we're living in! I consider myself CONSERVATIVE and find very little in common with Neo-Cons or the current mainstream republicans.

Ahh, I need some more trails.

Londell said...

Thanks for posting. I just keep remembering, I have no clue what is better, and that concerns me... So I run... And vow to never complain more then once a year over things like this I have really little control over, or a chance to control... But then that makes me think I am part of the problem... I need to have this conversation in my head during a 100, it would be over before I knew it, the 100 mile that is!

RunWesty said...

I agree term limits would be good,

My wife read this post and thought since I mentioned Wellstone, folks would think I am a liberal, I am not nor am I conservative, yet I am both, it all depends on the issue.

I believe in personal accountability and everyone having to pay taxes as I am a firm believer in there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. No matter how much pandering the politicos promise with all of their giveaways.

Maybe more in future posts but probably not


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