Saturday, June 20, 2009

50 State Quest Status

With the completion of Swan lake I can join the 50 states clubs as it signified my 10th state completed. There are two clubs that I am aware of:
What is the difference between the groups other than the DC issue, good question as I am not sure I will join both groups or if I will join any of them. Here is what they say about themselves

50 state marathon club (description below is from their website)
We now have 1,852 members in all 50 states, DC, and 11 foreign countries! Our members have run a combined total of more than 100,000 marathons! (demographics)

2009 Renewal forms are in the center of the March newsletter. Please fill out the Member Profile and return it with your $10 annual dues.

50 & DC (description below is from their website)
The 50 States & D.C. Marathon Group is a unique group of individuals from around the world. We currently have members from 50 States & D.C. plus Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, England, Germany, Netherlands, Latvia, Japan, Portugal, and Bermuda. The group all shares a goal of completing a marathon in all 50 States & D.C. To join this ONE of a kind group you must complete 10 marathons in 10 different states. We welcome Wheelchair and Handcyclists to our group with only having to complete 1 marathon to join. A ONE TIME $10.00 fee for lifetime membership gets you a lifetime of memories, achievements and friendships! So come join the fun, “What are you waiting for?”

I will have to continue to look into each group and maybe there is merit as you do get discounts for many marathons. For example, Swan Lake would have given $5 off their entry fee. Then again, Marathon Maniacs also receive discounts at some races, Minneapolis would have given $10 off.

Below is my current list of states completed, I may not get any more states in this year as my focus is on the Surf the Murph 5o.

If I do any other states this year it would probably be either Illinois (Rock Cut Hobo 50k) on September 20th or Nebraska (Bohemian Alps 50k) on September 19th. Hold it, what about doing both? All we would need to do is cross over Iowa after Bohemian. So the weekend could look something like this, we leave town on Friday and drive 424 miles to Brainard, NE, run the 50k, then drive to Rockford, IL. That's another 478 miles, run the 50k and then drive home, just 339 miles. So here is what this weekend adventure would look like:
  • total mileage ~1250 miles
  • time in the car ~23 hours
  • time running the 50k's ~15 hours
  • cost for gas ~ $150.00
  • cost for food & lodging ~ $250.00
  • cost for 2 races ~ $120.00
  • Total cost ~ $520.00
So you can see some of the interesting things that can come up when planning for adding states. You can cut a few corners on the food and lodging but other than that, there is not much else you can do to reduce cost. These two would be drivable but many of the states I have left are not so the cost will increase depending on airfares, rental cars, etc.....

So with just 10 states complete and 40 to go, I see a lot of cost and planning activities ahead.


Londell said...

Sounds like allot to do in a short time. Many miles between them? Well planned, but sounds like a risky venture... I would bet the Superior 50 would be easier, all in all? Unless you planned on take a few days off afterward to try and recover?

RunWesty said...

Londell, don't worry I won't be doing them, it was just fun to see the logistics. Great job at Grandmas, sounded like a tough weather day.

Wayne said...

sounds crazy this year, but next year... who knows?? :)


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