Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunday is approaching

I ran yesterday with some pain but it was manageable, today I ran a mile and 1/2 (before softball - kind of a quick warm-up) to see how the feet/ankles/achilles held up. I ran in my stiffest shoes and it was ok. So I think the key decision I have for Swan Lake is which shoes to wear? Hey wasn't that what I said before Chippewa?

I had planned to run in my Vasque VST's thinking they are my newest (best cushioning) and a trail shoe since part of the course is on gravel. After yesterday's run I have a few doubts as each step I experienced a bit more than I would have liked. Option 2 is to run in my Montrail Continental Divides, they are getting up in mileage (just short of 400) but they are definitely the most supportive shoe I have and they seem to lock my feet in place. Option 3 is to wear my road shoes either the NB 767 or my Asics 2130's, so tomorrow I will run in one of those and see how I feel on Saturday. I plan to taper on Saturday and hope Sunday works out ok with one of my 3 options. Right now I am leaning towards the CD's. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday will change my mind?

Weather update for Swan Lake

Sunday, Jun 14
High: 78 °F RealFeel®: 76 °F
Partly sunny and beautiful

The weather sounds hard to beat, looks good for fans (will there be any?) maybe a bit warm for me, regardless I should be able to work on my tan :-).

Hey speaking of FANS, I have read through a few posts and I am pretty sure that I have to try it next year. Congrats to all who participated in it as well as those that ran Kettle. Maybe next year, I will join you.

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