Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swan Lake Forecast

Forgot to add my Swan Lake Marathon forecast to my earlier post and I kind of have enjoyed posting the forecasts as they are a fun thing to look back on. It's safe to say that for previous races the forecasts have changed quite a bit.

The weather looks ok which means it will change then again if it looked bad it might change. The marathon starts a6 6:00 am so I am guessing it will be fairly comfortable at least for the first part of the race.

Swan Lake Marathon -- Viborg, SD
Sunday, Jun 14
High: 79 °F RealFeel®: 81 °F
Warmer with times of sun and clouds; an afternoon shower or thunderstorm

On the running front, I did get in around 10 miles this afternoon, the feet did hurt at times but it was mostly manageable, the one nice thing is that I get pain from a variety of spots in both feet/ankles and then an occasional Achilles shot on the right. I did do an ice soak afterward which I plan on continuing all week. So with a little luck things will heal quickly or enough for Sunday.

I debated going into Lyn Lake Chiropractic for some PT but I decided not to. Mainly because of the lack of time and it can be a bit embarrassing or presumptuous to walk in and say "Hi, Dr. Kevin please fix me, I have a marathon in 6 days, yes it has been a few years since I was last in". He will then ask how long it has been hurting and at least this time I can say only about 4 weeks. In the past it's usually been 4 months or longer, then again I don't plan on going in so maybe history will repeat. In the past Dr. Kevin has helped me for a variety of issues and he does offer many things besides the chiropractic stuff (meaning normal PT stuff - ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ice compression, etc....) and the combo usually does the trick I especially have liked his ice boot therapy which worked great for a past ankle sprain which led to plantar fascia issues in the other foot. You know that sounds almost familiar, naw, couldn't be.


CewTwo said...

Here's to you, my friend!

I hope you do well with little or no pain!

You are my idol!


Londell said...

Heal this week ad good luck this weekend! Run smart and safe.

Wayne said...

So are you ready? Take it easy and enjoy yourself... after this there's more fun to be had at future races. :)

RunWesty said...


Thanks for the nice comments, I am pretty sure it will work itself out just fine. My plan is take my time, relax and soak up the sun.



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