Sunday, June 14, 2009

Swan Lake quick summary

Finished, no major damage (but a bit more minor damage), not fast (but when was the last time I was), wore my orange shoes (they sure were noticeable and worked mostly), I even met a few nice folks and some of them are pretty well known at least in the maniac world.

Swan Lake is an extremely well put on event - friendly volunteers, great and frequent aid stations, easy logistics, ok weather considering how bad it could have been. I love small marathons they are so much more appealing at least to me.

I learned a few things that I need to figure out which I will include in the long version? One of the lessons that I am starting to learn is to quit beating myself up when the day doesn't go as planned.

That sums it up, I do have a lot more to say but it will take me a few days to work my way through it (at least in a semi-coherent fashion).


Wayne said...

Congratulations, Mike! Way to get it done.

Londell said...

I just got a boost of confidence!!! Congrats and I only hope I can have a similar result... Did think about how it was going throughout the day.

Rural Runner E said...

Sounds like a great race.
Hope you had a good time.


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