Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weather for Afton and injury updates

Just gotta take a quick look ahead at the weather for Afton, doesn't look too bad.
Saturday, Jul 4
High: 79 °F RealFeel®: 84 °F
Sunshine and patchy clouds

As to my injuries, well they should be healing up and might be ok for Afton. I say should be as I still have issues but haven't run since Sunday, so I will get out tomorrow and see how it goes. Regardless, I think I will try and get back and visit Dr. K either tomorrow or Friday and then follow-up once more next week. The good news is the plantar fasciitis in the left foot is gone and the right ankle seems ok. That just leaves me with a sore left ankle and a tight right achilles. We did get in 13 miles on Saturday and everything stayed together except we went in the afternoon and it was hot and that was a struggle.

So I view it as starting my heat acclimation again, it sure is tough to get it here. I will probably start my other way of getting used to heat tomorrow. That routine is to drive home with the windows up and the AC off. It gets warm but it seems to help, if nothing else it provides my wife some amusement.


Londell said...

I was actually thinking I might give it a try, then I got the MRI results. I am out! Calcium deposits in my soft tissues have caused ACL damage. This on top of the meniscus tear. He figures when I fell in 2008, I had internal bleeding which only got worse by my continued running after the fall. So, sugery is on the 17th and he guesses it will be at least 6 weeks limited movement and another 6 in PT. I will be out there supporting you and others!

runnerinsight said...

TO londell,just keep the fire burning! ; )

and yes thank you for the update. Goodluck on everything! ; ) COngrats in advance!

Wayne said...

Keep healing, Mike.
I'm guessing I'd get kicked out of the carpool if I suggested your heat training technique. :)

RunWesty said...

Londell - good luck with the surgery, you will be back running in no time. See you at Afton.


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