Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Goals............

I decided I needed a few more specific goals than the list on my blog as those are a bit too long term.

So for 2009.

1. Join the Upper Midwest Trail Runners
2. Run 1500 miles (as of December 26th, I am at 1348 miles - my all time high), my stretch goal would be 1800.
3. Improve on month to month consistency - goal would be to average between 125 and 150 miles/month (only 6 out of 12 meet this from 08)

Here is the month to month mileage from 2008

Notice the low mileage in January (no committed events), the increase started in February (committed to Chippewa), May was low as I was sick on back to back weekends, December reflects the weather and no committed events coming up.

4. Four more states
5. My first 50
6. Weight under 200 by June, under 190 by September
7. Improve core strength - situps, pullups and pushups on a consistent basis

I have a few other goals as well.

1. Get my cholesterol checked again
2. Be nicer to my family
3. Keep family, work, running in balance
4. Continue to grow in my faith

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.............

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