Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Event Schedule Revisited......

Some good news, a new lesson has been learned, which is that sometimes procrastination can lead to new opportunities.

Well, I have a new opportunity. I delayed registering for Clinton Lake, one day too many, the registration is now closed and I am not in it. I knew it was filling up but held out registering as I wanted to get all the other logistics worked out. I was thinking about the sequence of races I was going do and I was analyzing my training to each event, and I was checking hotels and camping sites, and making sure the family had no conflicts for the days (and/or that they were manageable), and I had the nagging thought, is this the one event I want to do in Illinois and I thought......... and basically forgot to close out the simplest of things, registration is required. Oops.

So now what, well, right now, I have way too many options so the question becomes how far am I willing to drive and how far am I willing to run and how soon am I willing to do both and then can I convince my wife that the new plans are a good thing.

So back to the internet to find more races, maybe a marathon in Kentucky in March, Farmdale in Illinois in October or how about that 50 mile event in Pekin, IL in April or do I go to Kansas in April for the Rockin K?

Too many choices, again. I think I will first focus on am I doing Run Toto Run or not and then get the other races figured out.........

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Londell said...

I was actually thinking about going to Run toto again but I picked Munich Germany instead... That may be cool, but I loved the great job and course those trail nerds have presented... I am sure others are going as well.


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