Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 Event Schedule Update.....

I did decide to scale back a bit to allow time for work to settle down as it has been hectic and distracting (next week I hope to get things back in balance) so a few events are now off the list and I will cut myself slack with regards to running over the next week or so.

With the adjustments I am thinking of, I should still be ok on the 50 state front goal for the year, best case I would do four states in the first half of the year, worse case 1 state. Even in the worse case, I think I should still be able to hit my goal of 4 states for the year.

So the verdict is in, here is my updated 2009 schedule (for the first half of the year) with my disclaimers and clarifiers.

24 - Winter Carnival 1/2 - might still do but weather and attitude dependent.

No events planned - too much going on to add the stress of ramping mileage quickly.

28 - Clinton Lake - on a waiting list, will know by the end of February. I will train for Chippewa with this as a slight possibility.

25 - Chippewa 50k - looking forward to Wynn's promise of no snow.

3 - Lincoln Marathon - dependent upon no significant issues happening at Chippewa.
16 - Brookings Marathon - dependent upon my daughters soccer schedule.
24/31 - Stillwater or Minneapolis - might do one but not both depending on Brookings and Fans.

6 - FANS 12 hours - dependent on soccer schedule and getting over the thought of looping around Nokomis for what would seem to me as forever (3 laps is my previous max), if I don't do this then I will need to do a 50 mile run on my own to feel ready to attempt Superior in September so maybe this would be better?
14 - Swan Lake - if not Brookings or FANS and no soccer conflicts, it would be my next SD choice.

4 - Afton 50 k - Would like to repeat and improve.
11 - Psycho PSummer 50k
- A summertime Kansas run?
18 - Turtle Trot Triathlon - I really should train some for this and then try to PR.

August & Beyond
Wait and see

Steve Q. made a comment concerning my possible yearly race mileage based on a previous 2009 schedule which caught my interest. So to satisfy my curiosity for the first half of the year here are my race potentials:

Hopeful Race Mileage - 167 miles
(2 50k's, 2 marathons, 1 5k (TT) and 50 miles at FANs)

Maximum Race Mileage - 267 miles
(3 50k's, 3 marathons, 1 5k (TT), 1 30 miler, a 1/2 marathon and 50 miles at FANs)

Minimum Race Mileage - 86 miles
(2 50k's, 1 marathons, 1 5k (TT))

Should be interesting, to see how things work out..........

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Londell said...

I love you thought and planning... It makes me think I should but I am still sitting here thinking grandma's for the 25th year and that is all... One goal I made 25 years ago and I do not want to be distracted... Hope things go well!


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