Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend plans and weather forecasts for KC...

Weekend plans are pretty simple, run for 3 hours on Saturday or Sunday and run for 5 hours on Sunday or Saturday. I am hoping that the back to back long runs will get me enough base to get through Psycho Wyco. I may shoot for a 6 hour run next weekend and then taper for 6 or 7 days but first this weekend.

Now for the long range weather forecast for KC. I should add my disclaimer about this as I did the same for Surf the Murph last November and thankfully the long range forecast was very, very wrong. So I don't put much stock in it but it's still fun to look ahead.

This is for Kansas City, KS from

Saturday, Feb 14
Mostly Cloudy
Mainly cloudy with a flurry
High 40 °F Low: 17 °F

It will be interesting to check in every few days and see how the forecast gets adjusted. The one thing that I noticed in looking through the 15 day forecast is that they aren't currently forecasting a lot or rain or snow which may mean it may not be to muddy.

Now on to the trails...........

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