Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still cold but there is hope..........

Went for a run in Hyland after work, I think it was between 5 and 10F and darned if it didn't feel almost warm. Other than getting onto the XC ski area and getting told I don't belong (in a nice way) it was fun and real enjoyable to run there again. I do understand his concern, their season is limited and runners/hikers/snowshoers don't really need to get into their space. I ended up only getting in 4 miles as we talked for 10-15 minutes which did get me a bit cold so I figured with darkness descending, a shorter run would be a good idea. The guy I talked to, did try and convince me that I should switch to XC skiing in the winter, I declined and said running is easier at least for me. I told him I do snowshoe although I have yet to pull them out as I have been able to run through the snow thus far. Good news is that I have a navigable path from the Ski Jump parking lot to over to the nature center and then onto the visitor center without getting into the XC ski area. I haven't run in Hyland as I wasn't sure if it was runnable, now I know that is so I can try and run there before work.

On a different but weather related note, I just checked the long range temp forecast and I can see the end is nearing as they are forecasting high temps in the 30's by Saturday. If it happens, running outside will get a whole lot easier, I am already enjoying that there is sunlight still at 5:30. I smile now when I leave work, I have always had issues with our winter darkness and now we are over the hump. I also checked the long range forecast for KC, temps there are forecasted to be in the 40's and 50's over the next 5-15 days, sweet.

If we keep tracking towards spring, why, pretty soon all of my weather related excuses will be gone which means I will just need to train, train and train.............

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