Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Event Schedule......

Well, I have made some decisions and deferred some and may change my mind before things happen but here is my 2009 schedule with my guesstimate on probability of happening. This is an update to my wish list schedule from early December. As I finalize things (meaning sign-up for the out of town events), I will move them from considerations into my committed schedule.

February 14 - Run Toto Run 50k - 50%, need some training/scheduling resolutions (Kansas)
March 28 - Clinton Lake 30 - IL - 97%, works well into my training plans (Illinois)
April 11 - McNaughton 50 - IL - 3%, would love to try but logistics don't seem to work
April 25 - Chippewa 50k - committed
May 3 - Lincoln Marathon - 70%, A quick recovery from Chippewa? (Nebraska)
May 3 - Eau Claire Marathon - 30%, might do if Lincoln doesn't happen as I like first time events
May 16 - Superior 50k - 30%, it would be nice to run on the trail before the Superior 50
May 24 - Stillwater Marathon - 50%, might do as I like first time events
May 31 - Minneapolis Marathon - 30%, another 1st time event
June 6 - FANS 12 hour - 50%, might be my first 50 mile event (assuming I can do 50 in 12 hours)?
June 7 - Deadwood Marathon - 50%, depends on soccer schedule and Fans (South Dakota)
July 4 - Afton 50k - committed, unless I need and want to get in Kansas then
July 4 - Psycho Psummer 50k - 10%, it depends on a lot but it provides a backup Kansas event
July 18 - Turtle Trot Triathlon - committed
July 25 - Grand Island Trail Marathon - 50%, depends on schedules, sign up is open (Michigan)
Sept 12 - Superior 50 - 70%, I still think it sounds like fun
Sept 19 - Bohemian 50k - 10%, backup for Nebraska but very unlikely if I do Superior
Oct 3 - Mt. Rushmore/Crazy Horse Marathon - 20%, depends on Deadwood (date needs to be confirmed)
Oct 24 - Wild Duluth 50k or 100k - 30%, depends on how the year works out
November 7 - Surf the Murph 50k - committed

On my schedule for the year are events in Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska and South Dakota. I need to do at least 4 of these to meet my goal of adding 4 more states this year and if need be I may need to look at a few other states.

I am still having internal conflicts with the desire to do more of the local trail races but I think I have enough of a mix to keep me happy and I still have options depending how the year actually unfolds. The nice thing is I am done looking ahead, I just need to work out the logistics of training and finances, then I will start signing up for the events and enjoy the year of running...............


Kel said...

Grand Island is on my radar too, but not for this year. I went to college in Upper Michigan (Houghton, so the Keweenaw trail runs are enticing too) and the Munising area is beautiful, especially the Lake Superior shoreline.

Tip I got from another runner who did the race - get to the ferry boat early if you want to make sure you get to the start on time! I don't know if they've made different accomodations regarding the number of ferry's and when they run, but some folks were late the year he ran it.

Londell said...

My idol... What a list... It gives me some to think about. Stay healthy as I may beg for you to drag me into a log run when it warms up...

Londell said...

If my running picks up, I may discuss loining you at Lincoln... Had did this race twice previous and have good friend there I could visit? We may be able to crach in the basement the night before and drive back after the race?

SteveQ said...

That's more than 500 miles of races, you got there - like my schedule of 600 last year - I hope to see you at at least one race this year!

RunWesty said...

Kel - thanks for the info, it confirms why Grand Island is my choice for Michigan.

Londell - sounds like you will be running more than Grandmas, keep Lincoln in mind as it might work out for both of us. I agree on the warm weather, I am getting real tired of running on snow and dealing with the cold.

Steve - I am sure your math is correct but I will end up doing only half of the races unless everything falls into place. Hope to meet up with you one day, you just gotta loop back to the back of the pack to find me.


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