Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 Lessons learned from Psycho Wyco

Lesson 1 - Never assume that you have things figured out

I had issues with my stomach for the first time in about 10 events and that resulted in slowing me down and fuel/energy issues, I thought I had it all figured out. Wrong again.

Lesson 2 - Never give up as things don't always get worse

I think this is the Ann Trason quote and I was finally able to live it. I was pretty disheartened after I fell for the third or fourth time right after I passed the guy with the broken ankle. Then after I got up, within a 1/4 mile I was gagging and grabbing my stomach, I thought the stomach was shot for the day. I then ran out of gas as I took off on lap 3 but I eventually got through it all and didn't have issues after the race. In the past, when the stomach went south it would stay there for hours and hours unless the contents were emptied.

Lesson 3 - No speed training equals no speed

I need to adapt my training and work on this and I need to remind myself that I don't have to run on roads to make this transformation.

Lesson 4 - Running downhill in mud is different than anything else

Humbled and I have no idea of how anyone could train for the mud but I did read the post about how "mud shoes" helped another runner, now if I only knew what he meant by "mud shoes"? I still would prefer mud to snow.

Lesson 5 - Stopping always feels good and finishing always feels great

The only time stopping doesn't feel great is when I haven't finished, nothing is worse than a DNF, well other than a DNF do to injury.

Lesson 6 - I should follow my own advice.

In talking with Wayne on the way home, one of the things we discussed was how hard to push when training or racing. I told him that I think he is doing a great job of not overdoing it as he is avoiding injuries and making great improvements. I told him how important avoiding injuries and developing a good base is. So why do I train through injuries and ramp my mileage quickly?

Lesson 7 - There is an advantage to the 50 state thing

I am not sure if I would have finished if not for the thought that I had to finish this race or I would have to return to Kansas to add it as a state on my 50 state quest. Of course, Wayne and I have already exchanged notes about doing this race next year. The other thing that kept me going was the very generous time cut off. I knew I could walk loop 3 and still finish in under 9 hours (cut off was 10) and I basically did.

Lesson 8 - A good race is a race finished, a great race is a race finished with no surprises or injuries

I was happy to make it but I would have been a whole lot happier to have finished an hour and 1/2 earlier. My only inuries were a few bruises and a bit of pride over my inability to run well in mud.

Lesson 9 - Plans are made to be changed

Now that I know about the Surf the Murph 50, they soon will be.

Lesson 10 - The ultra community is a great group of folks

Wayne, Les, Bad Ben and all his fellow nerds were great to talk with, the stories were fun to share and I loved the fact that the guy who finished 2nd took the time to warn us about ice as went down a long steep hill that had been very icy during the first loop. I lost count of the number of times runners fell and other runners stopped to make sure they were ok.

Final thought, Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run 50k is a great race.....................


Londell said...

Good thoughts. I do belive Superior and Psycho have unique terrors built in which really make one think about this running thing... Sorry to hear that Surf the Murph is heavy in thought. Superior 50 can be handled... And the changes in color will give the wife something to enjoy all day...

Wayne said...

Good list, Mike. The more of these lessons we can get right, the easier it is to stick to one of the biggies: Don't forget to have fun! :)


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