Monday, February 2, 2009

Running Podcasts continue to grow

I was listening to a running podcast the other day called Trilogy Running (a couple of brothers who documented their training towards a 1/2 marathon, it's kind of a Bo and Luke Duke take up running podcast, fun to listen to people just starting out, now they are heading towards the marathon) which led me to check out a few more new podcasts they mentioned (Rundiggerrun, Runway and Three Apples Tall) and then ultimately led me to back to the website that Nigel created:

I found a few more to listen to, for any who haven't listened before, take a listen, many of them are well worth the price (ok, yes, they are free except for your time). I listen to most all of them either on my way to work or on my runs. I thought about adding a comment for each but decided against it as my comment doesn't really matter, listen and make your own choice. Many are back of the packers, some are mid packers, some are up near the front of the pack, some are new to running, some are not, some are fast, some are slow, some are young, some are old. So, if you ever wanted to listen to a fellow runner check any of them out.


SteveQ said...

Knowing that you're trying to do all 50 states, I just saw that there's a trail marathon this year in Delaware. Isn't Delaware one of the tough states to get because there's so few races?

RunWesty said...

Thanks for the heads up, that does make Delaware easier. Rhode Island is also hard, they have two listed in

Adding trail events makes it easier everywhere else and it also helps me avoid large events.


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