Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Runners Round Table and Schedule Update #4???

I figured I should link to the Runners Round Table most recent episode since I participated in the round table. It's an interesting podcast idea to have a weekly show made up of a variety of runners from all walks of the running community who interview a guest each week or just have an open call discussion.

In this show, Martin from the Running Ramblings blog and podcast was the host and Nicole from the blog Running Bebe, Joe from the blog Blue Dawgs Running and myself were participants in the round table. We interviewed a fellow runner, Laura who has a blog called Frayed Laces. that has a huge number of hits and comments on a daily basis. Take a look at the blogs and listen to the podcast, fwiw, I was the timekeeper who had the start-up issues, a bit embarassing but just another does of humility for me to go along with the humility I gain through my running adventures.

Now back to my running schedule, I am not sure how often I have updated my master plan for this year but "here I go again".

When I started out the year it was all about setting up my year to do a 50, the question was which one?

I had originally wanted to do McNaughton (because of it's long cut-off time) and then Superior but that didn't work out. I still wanted to do Superior but everyone says it's not a perfect first 50, so my next plan was doing the FANS 12 hour event in order to get a whole lot of time and miles on my feet and then do Superior. This plan left a lot to be desired I can't imagine how tough Superior might be but I think FANS would be very difficult at least for me. Why would that be so hard, let me see 2.4xxx miles around a nice lake with no hills probably on an asphalt bike path with planes flying overhead, cars going by, bikers, people, no wind or significant sun block other than that it would be a peace of cake. The only thing that would be more hellish would be doing it on a track or treadmill. The nice thing about FANS though would be the logistics, every 2.4xx miles I would have an aid station. I would be surrounded by 24 hour runners and fellow 12 hour runners, it would be a fun event to experience but for me it would be a very, very tough mental event. I like not seeing where I am going. Sorry for my digression, I started the post about my updated schedule, am I the only person who can't get to a committed schedule? Anyway, here is the latest update:

Next race - April 25th - Chippewa 50k (unless I sneak in something shorter)

After that:

May 24th - Stillwater Marathon or on May 31st - Minneapolis or both?

June 6th - FANS or June 14th -Swan Lake (not both and probably not FANS)

July 4th - Afton 50k (committed)

July 18th - Turtle Trot Tri (committed but it's a sprint more or less)

August - No events as of yet, doesn't seem right so I will need to find something

September 12th - maybe Moose Mountain marathon (not the Superior 50 but it would give me some time on the trail and set me up for Superior for next year) or I could ignore prevailing reason and still try Superior. I haven't done anything really stupid in a while.

October 4th - Twin Cities Marathon - I need to redeem myself as I dropped out of my last TCM throwing up at St. Thomas. I would like to get beyond that memory of TCM. It's one of only 2 DNF's and is still the one that nags at me.

October 24th - Surf the Murph 50 miler - what a way to cap off the year with my first 50. I could train on the course, all summer and fall and figure out the logistics and pacing and have a fairly good understanding of what would lay ahead. This would be my smartest plan, that I am sure.

November - December - maybe do something else, assuming I survive Murph.


Wayne said...

Hey Mike... good for you getting involved in the Runners Round Table. I just started listening to that recently. Also, way to finally nail down your schedule for the year. ;) Have you done anything in CO yet? My current plan is to try to get into the Pikes Peak Ascent... you could go for the marathon! That would take care of August.

RunWesty said...

Wayne - CO is still open but the problem with the Ascent is that I would have to come back down as I would need to do the marathon and I haven't figured out their marathon qualification limits. So I think I will take a pass on it and plan to do something easier like Leadville ;-) for CO. Good luck on getting in.


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