Saturday, February 28, 2009

Addicted to podcasts???

Friday morning started out bad, first I had to shovel the driveway before work which might have been ok but then I couldn't find my Ipod. I finally gave up and headed to work without it, figuring that listening to the radio wouldn't kill me. I have not listened to the morning radio shows in over a year but instead I have enjoyed listening to shows on running, religion, computers, financial stuff and a variety of other podcasts.

So, instead of my normal relaxing listening, I heard commercials, talking heads, bad songs, no matter where I tuned, I had no control. I missed my Ipod, have I become that used to not listening to the radio?

I was frantically trying to find something to listen to as I drove, I finally grabbed a CD that I had in the car and popped it in. I was able to make it to work but my normal zone out while driving routine was disrupted. Thank god, I had that Marshall Tucker CD or who knows how stressed I may have become. When I got home, I remembered where I had left my Ipod and I felt an immediate release of stress knowing that I could again control my car audio world.

This got me thinking, when you control your listening is about the content or the control or is a bit of both?

So what am I going to do for the future? I am going to throw some older Phedippidations episodes on an old mp3 player and make sure I keep it have it for emergency use as I now know, I am addicted to podcasts and never want to go back to the world of AM/FM radio................


Londell said...

How about a real hard challenge? Give up podcasts for let? The new fad I hear is no facebook for lent. Hope all is well!

RunWesty said...

That would be too hard for me and would probably lead to a road rage incident. I will start to think about another option. Stay tuned.


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