Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kansas City Bound......

Well tomorrow I am off to KC for Psycho Wyco. Am I ready, no. My training was sporadic at best. How has my taper gone, poorly. What's the weather look like, lousy.

So I am thinking I am going to have a pretty good day. Oh now I am pretty sure my time will be poor but I have given myself some slack this week as work has been a huge distraction and I think it will pay off. Regardless of my day it will be interesting to head over with Wayne, Les and Brian. I met Wayne and Les at Surf the Murph but the car ride over will give me a chance to get to know them better. I may have talked with Brian at the Murph but am not sure so tomorrow I will find out. One interesting note (of mostly useless information) about the 4 of us, one of us is in the 60's, 1 - 50's, 1 - 40's and 1 - 30's.

Here's how my week has gone, I wanted to run on Tuesday but my foot was still sore and my back was hurting and work didn't go well so I said take an extra day. Wednesday, work kept me occupied, so another day off. Today, work again, I could have gone out tonight but I figured I was better off to just chill and relax.

So my taper consisted of my last run on Sunday which wasn't real good but the foot is now less sore, the back is better, the knees seem ok so maybe the time off was good. With reagrds to my training I am using the same theory as Wayne, I am counting on Surf the Murph as how much training can you lose in 3 months. As to the weather forecast - Friday forecast is for a high of 50, chance of rain 80%, snow flurries later in the evening. Race day high in the upper 30's, no rain in the forecast. So I am pretty sure I will get to experience the mud. So the question I am starting to ponder is, "By the end of Saturday will I hate mud more than snow?"

As to the race, I am thinking that it will go something like this, first loop, relax and figure out the course, it will probably take longer than I think it should or I will go faster than I should. Second loop, panic because of the first loop but then relax and solve all of my work issues and remind myself you are not running in snow, you are not running in snow, Third loop, deal with it, remind yourself you are not running in snow, head down to the finish.

I did notice in looking at last years results that a lot of runners had splits that looked like this - 1st loop - time of x, 2nd loop, time of x+30minutes, 3rd loop - time of x+60 minutes so if the rain does what I think it may, we may have the same type of splits. So what will my time be, somewhere between 7 1/2 and 9 1/2 hours depending on the conditions. It will be real interesting to see how things actually turn out, regardless I expect to finish and I intend to be smiling when I do. All in all it should be a fun experience.........


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