Monday, February 9, 2009

Future plans?

Sometimes you are in total control of your life and sometimes it seems you are simply riding the waves in the middle of an ocean. The last month or so there is no doubt about it, I am floating around in an ocean of distractions but all of my issues are the easy ones, meaning no life, death, job loss or major illness issues just struggling to manage the work, life balance while working my way through the long dark and cold winter.

I am not expecting that Psycho Wyco will be all fun. I am going in undertrained, carrying too much weight and nursing a few minor injuries, so my only goal is to finish without a significant injury increase. The other thing that has me bummed is that the weather forecast is only for the 30's, I so wanted to run in shorts again (and not be cold), who knows maybe the forecast will change. After KC, I will focus on Chippewa as I have ruled out McNaughton and didn't get into Clinton Lake. After Chippewa, we discussed Lincoln and it's pretty much out as we would like to avoid some expenses for a while along with the fact that it is a week after Chippewa and the week before my daughter graduates from college. I should add that my wife and I are real proud of her, she has done great.

I am also thinking of putting off my goal of adding more states for this year and instead just focus on running local events. So what does that mean, I am thinking about locking into the following events:
  • Stillwater Marathon - May
  • FANS 12 - June
  • Afton 50k - July
  • Superior 50 - September - it would be an out of town event and cost a bit but I do so want to do it but I have to be injury free and do FANs, I think.
  • Surf the Murph 50k - November
That would only give me one marathon, 3 50k's and a couple of 50's. I think it should keep me busy. My major questions are the 50's as I am a bit bothered by a recurring foot injury which I thought I had gotten through until the last week or so.

Other not quite local options still to consider depending on FANS and Superior and how things work out for the summer:
  • Swan Lake Marathon - June
  • Bohemian Alps - September
  • Glacial 50 or Wild Duluth 50 or 100k - October
One last thing, I decided to email the marathon maniac folks and based on last years races I would qualify as a gold member, so should I join them or not? I think along with my future race schedule, I will wait until after this weekend and then decide on a lot of things..............


Matthew Patten said...

Enjoy Psycho Wyco.

Even if it has been a dry week, expect mud. It's that sticky glue mud.

Knee pads are not a bad idea either. There are lots of rocks.

Should test you fortitude

Wayne said...

Surf the Murph went well, right? How much fitness can you lose in a short 3 months?! :) I'm hoping the answer is "not too much". We might have to gut it out a little at the end, but I believe we're going to have a good time.

RunWesty said...

Matt - I will look forward to not running in snow so mud and rocks will be fun at least for a little while.

Wayne - I agree how much could we have lost since Surf the Murph, I am just hoping the gut check doesn't happen on the first loop :-), regardless it should be fun.

Londell said...

Have fun at Psycho... I am leaving soon for Germany and be out of tuch for almost 2 weeks... Hope to read a good post about your success...


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